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Adsensei B30 – Plugin of Google Adsensei



If you’ve never heard the words adsensei perhaps this might sound Chinese but really you do not sound like the Chinese because it is a Latin word adsense i. Let sure that it is something related to Google Adsense.


What the hell’s that Adsensei?

The word itself is an invention as any to refer initially to section Google Adsense of a web, specifically web Dean Romeo in section Adsensei.

The truth is that the word itself has hook and funny, is one of those words that you imagine a ninja behind the letters of Google Adsense trying to bend colársela, let it sounds a little black hat though not really have nothing to do.

Find things that are really good really is complicated, which is why general distrust of all plugins and all the things that we provide on websites because we think that is one more than he is going to do the same as the rest of we have proven, however adsense-i is different, it is a plugin that does not promise to be good and make you como ganar dinero if not that is something we have already proven that it works and that really its author used to generate more money from their websites . It’s free and that’s why so gives us more confidence that we offer free because they want it provemos and win more money and do not want us to lose money to us.

Why the fuss over a section of Google Adsensei?

The commotion does not come by that Adsense i is a section of a web to talk about advertising giant Google, but because he has now moved on to also become a plugin adsense plugin for wordpress, official website plugin in wordpress but no about hosting barato or similars.

Come okay, yes, everything you want, if section if plugin, if cocks but to see …

That serves me Adsensei
For those who monetize their sites by CPA and other forms really for anything but for people who use Google Adnsense, believe me you will love the plugin that we are human and therefore are lazy fucking and what will help us this plugin is has to be vaguer still.

If we want our money web we must strive to optimize our advertising increasingly adsense because it is true that it is becoming more and more difficult to find the key and it is all much better. But it’s no problem and for anybody since I adsensei invention that is easy now thanks to apply the same advertising without any problems or excuses.

It is not that bad being lazy and use adsense?

For in this case that this plugin to start I will say that it will multiply your gains as it will optimize your CTR. Is that what it is? The CTR for you do not know, simply is the percentage of clicks that is going to make visitors to your Adsense advertising.

I can assure you increase the CTR of a web is Chinese work is very hard work based on thousands of test error in which’re always improving it but you just keep wanting more. In addition it gives no conflict with adsense politics.

Many people may think that google politiacas of adsensei are a bit hard and therefore can not use plugins like this to optimize our ads that think they are cheating and therefore may be at risk our own. However we are not violating any policy or making any cheating, we are just taking the help of a plugin that will put us ads in much better places than we are doing, so we are optimizing our ads and in none of the cases be doing anything wrong.


Then how I will help the adsensei plugin?

One of the main features of this plugin is to give you information, give you options to place advertising and work much better, let what makes going to be save much time and directly adsensei will happen when optimized web for advertising where get the maximum return to your website.

In this to make money any help no matter how small it is always very good. For those who have worked with Google Adsense-i for years, you will know how complicated it is to optimize this advertising for people to do good clicks and over to come out profitable. Besides working with wordpress it is sometimes complicated that we can not put ads where we would like to estubieran. This is where adsensei B30 plugin can best help us thanks to this plugin can colcar ads where we want.

Sometimes we have to use aid programs may be synonymous with that we have no idea what we’re doing in terms of our websites and as for the monetization of our websites, however use the adsensei plugin b30 does not mean that is all otherwise, use a plugin that will help us a lot in optimizing our advertising, it is something that we will use to professional level and not at beginner level. When we are using adsensei see how it really does it is make life easier but obviously the hard work we have to do it ourselves in our web with our own hands and that visits to our website will not come by themselves, that is something that we to do us.

It is not for nothing but it is clear that adsense is advertising that works best for websites in general, both then and now in 2016 the dominant advertising in the vast majority of websites is adsensei and adsensei is the solution to advertising work better adsense. Let we have no excuse now not to use advertising adsense that sooner if we could say that it is somewhat complicated to apply, however now with adsensei we will be able to apply it without any problem to any of our web pages.


Advantages of using the plugin adsensei

  • Save time study adsense advertising.
  • With no need knowledge adsense advertising.
  • It has support in Spanish.
  • It has never been easier using Google Adsense.

Is Google Adsense profitable?

This is a big question that many people are made over time, especially those who have long been working with the web as it seems that every time adsense pays much less for clicks, however it is getting adwords much more expensive.

However this does not mean that Adsense now has ceased to be profitable, it is very profitable but it costs more to get that return. We need to find niches where the CPC is much higher and optimize the CTR for a higher ratio of clicks and this is where plugin adsensei comes into play to help us improve our CTR and start earning more money with the same number of visits.

Do I need many visits to get that return?
It depends on what you pay per click, if you pay very little because yes, if you pay enough by clicking on the subject as a web with very few visits you can make an impressive return that neither you might have thought when you started the web.

The truth is that everyone we like to make money, and how much easier and faster is better. We are all looking forward to find a way to make a little more money every day, and to increase our profits and that is the reason why those who use are adsensei so happy and feel so fortunate, because it is the easiest way to get earn more money they earned so far.

Today in our society is very important to be always abreast of all developments and new things that appear because although usually not help us much, sometimes appear things like Adsensei that what it does is manage advertising Adsense, by what may be our best ally when it comes to increase our profits.

There are people who are maybe not quite yet convinced of the benefits that can bring us Adsensei, and it is normal because in these times we usually want to sell things that really are useless, but it’s as easy as trying to start viewing results we want.

Besides all this, many people do not rush to try this kind of thing is because they tend to think that it will be very difficult and they will not be able to use it and learn to make money with it, but this is another its great advantages and another reason why there to try Adsensei. It’s really simple to use and requires no prior knowledge of any kind, just know turn our personal computer, do not need to know programming or marketing, none of this is necessary with Adsensei, it is for everyone knows how to use without have no prior knowledge about anything that has to do with computers.

In fact I asked my grandmother to try it the other day and is already more than convinced that Adsensei is the best way to get to make money faster.
Advertising is something that has been around for centuries, we can truly say that advertising has existed since the beginning of time with the apes. These apes can we look like a joke, but from the beginning traded between them, which in some colonies of monkeys and chimpanzees still happening. These monkeys what they did, and still do was get some food that was not as abundant as others or hunting any animal and then trying to sell it, or rather, change it to something else I wanted it even had times that they sold themselves. Even though our ancestors were unaware of what it was advertising, but it was imperative to sell their products or buy other. In fact barter was the basis of the economy of our ancestors, and barter is based solely on marketing, knowing increase our value and equate the value of the product of the person in front of our eyes.

And of course advertising could not stagnate, but it has evolved with the other things in our society, such as medicine, or technology, or Internet, then advertising has had to change in order to be useful in our new time. And it has been a long and complicated process in which there have been many successes but also many failures, sure we all know some. Successes in advertising theme are scarce, but especially today, we are in the era of consumption, where people get tired of all a few days, and entrepreneurs have to create new ways to attract people and increase your profits get quick and easy ways as is the case with Adsensei.

adsensei b30

Better than Quick Adsense?

Before this plugin exist what people used to use was to quick adsense as it was as complete as I had, but now does not make sense to use the quick adsense plugin having this wordpress plugin with which we can manage our advanced way Google ads on our website.

In fact, any plugin can be better or worse than quick adsense-i, however, you should not think about whether it is better or if worse, the issue is to make us more money because ultimately, all these plugins and either this or the other, the aim is to win the maximum amount of money with the same number of visits that have so far.

Yes it is true that in this adsensei have focused enough, have gone to get the best possible CTR so we can get a higher ratio of clicks on our ads. But what we get with this higher ratio of clicks? At first we get more money because they are more clicks, but also to have a higher CTR and higher percentage of clicks, our CPC will rise, ie, it will raise the amount of money we get paid for every click that make users in our ads.

Adsensei VS others plugins

One of the big questions that you will become after reading this entire article is to choose the adsensei plugin for your advertising over other plugins Google Adsense. First pararos to think of how many plugins for adsense place you have spoken and those who have taken so much fame like this that is easy to use or the like.

If it is true that there are and have been used but have simply been tools to not have to put hand adsense ads i nothing else, they have been nothing more than something to make life easier when you copy and paste code advertising.

However this plugin what we offer is not only able to put the advertising adsense-i where we want but it gives us the make more money and improve the CTR of our own ads for the same visits we have now, make more money than we were winning so far.

Video to understand Adsensei

For those of you who do not like reading and prefer to see things on video, I have made a video explaining where I’ll go telling detail by detail that goes as use and especially as take full advantage and profitability. Attentive to the video that you you can not miss a minute of the if what you want is to get performance, each and every word of it are measured so that you learn in this mini video course with which you will learn about this plugin and about how useful it can be.

From this we can draw several conclusions:
-All We want to try new plugins that make us life easier and make us all think less about our day.
-A We all like to earn more money and we’ll try and do whatever it takes in order to get more money.
-Google Adsense still remains profitable if you know work well even though many say it is no longer profitable.
-My video sounds like an egg.

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